Commercial Vehicle Remapping

  • T1 Conversions are the South Wales main agent for Bevo Custom Tuning.  They are one of the UK’s major tuning companies specialising in bespoke vehicle tuning.

    As agents, we offer a remapping service for all vehicles, although we specialise in VW commercial vehicles.

    Call us on 01656 818935 to book a remap today.


— We use the latest equipment to ensure the best results —

Bevo Custom Tuning will custom tune your vehicle to improve power/torque. Amazingly the fuel economy is also improved by up to 20%. The drivability of the vehicle is greatly improved with less gear changing and a smoother drive.

Transporter vans are very popular to remap. The reason – once converted to a camper, the vehicle is heavier and thus slower. Acceleration and overtaking over 60mph becomes difficult.

A remap, especially to the lower BHP models can increase power by up to 90%. The transformation is unbelievable.

“It will be the best money you could spend”

And to back this up at T1 Conversions, we offer a full, no quibble money back guarantee and the van would be restored to factory settings.



Model Year Price
Transporter T5 2003 – 2009 £300 inc
Transporter T5.1 2009 – 2015 £350 inc
Transporter T6 2015 onwards £350 inc
Caddy 2011 onwards £350 inc

The remap process take approx 3 hrs and we can drop you to the local shops and pick you up again after the transformation is complete.

In conjunction with the remap, we are also offering DPF deletion, EGR deletion and Speed Limiter removal.